The Outlooks of India and China Interaction

  • Samina khan
  • Asad Malik


In this article, the perspectives of India and China's interaction are examined. Throughout the last fifteen years, the intricate character of India and China's ties has been clear: from promises of unending kinship to a border conflict. Throughout modern history, the dual character of ties between China and India has often amazed. India and China relations are a complicated web of interests, ranging from firm stances on border issues to recognition of Tibet as a part of China, from order to gain market share for energy assets to broadening corresponding trade, from the appearance of encompassing to increased participation in multilateral forums. The focus of the article is on the major issues surrounding the dispute over boundaries, territorial geopolitics, and financial ties. The triangle relationship between India, China, and US is beyond the scope of the article, despite the fact that it acknowledges the significant function performed by America in Asia and its impact on China-India ties.