Role of Inclusive Talent Development in Organizational Growth and Individual Talent Growth of Employees of Higher Education Institutes of Peshawar

  • Zohra Qazi
  • Haleema Ikraam
  • Azhar Zahoor
Keywords: Talent Management (TM), Inclusive Talent Development (ITD)


University training is crucial to upskilling staff members and aligning them with the goals and missions of higher education.  The need to upskill all employees, regardless of their performance or position, has  grown significantly in order to increase their value to the organization given the current financial restrictions facing universities, thus providing a base for conducting research on inclusive talent development. Studies on training delivery that is inclusive in poor nations are, nevertheless, scarce. Previous research on Inclusive Talent Development has mostly been carried out in developed economies whereas the developing economies have been neglected; this paper will address this gap in the higher education perspective. The purpose of this paper is to explore whether training is being inclusively imparted in higher institutions (HEIs) of Peshawar. The study was qualitative in nature and in-depth interviews were conducted as the main data collection tool, followed by focus group discussions to ensure triangulation. The sample consisted of seven public sector Higher Education Institutes and 3 private sector HEIs. Interviews from individuals and focus group were transcribed and analyzed through thematic analysis, bringing forth four key themes as a resultant of Inclusive Talent Development, namely Career Progression, Managerial Commitment, Succession Planning and  Retention Strategy. This study has a limitation as it has been carried out for Higher Education Institutes of Peshawar only.