Role of Pakistan in the Great Power Competition

  • Sahibzada Muhammad Usman University of Pisa
  • Dr. Saif Ul Islam
  • Muhammad Alam
Keywords: Pakistan, Global War, Terrorism, Great Powers, and Multipolar World.


Since the Global War on Terrorism, world politics has changed significantly because China and Russia have become more powerful. The United States wants regional allies capable of assisting it with its global agenda. This goal has increased Washington's dissatisfaction with Islamabad, a former Cold War partner. Washington wants to elevate India to the region's top partner status. Americans are becoming closer to India; which casts doubt on the future of the US-Pakistan alliance. Because of this, Pakistan has tried to find more reliable allies. This has led analysts to have different ideas about Pakistan's role in this multipolar system. This study looks at Pakistan's actions during the Cold War, the Global War on Terrorism, and now to see how likely it is that Pakistan will try to balance the big powers against each other to get the most out of its interests.