Development and Application of Low Cost Acetylene Gas Apparatus as Diagnostic Instrument for Higher Secondary School Students

  • Dr Umar Khitab Education Department kpk
  • Anum Irshad
Keywords: Concrete low cost Acetylene Gas apparatus, (C 2 H 2) or Acetylene gas and Combustion test.


The main aim of this research study was to develop an authentic and concrete low cost Acetylene Gas apparatus as a diagnostic instrument which could be used to determine higher secondary school students’ comprehension and understanding of hydrocarbon compound called Ethylene (2) or Acetylene gas. Science is an activity based approach and it is taught with the help of activities. Teachers and curriculum developers try to be aware of the students’ alternative conceptions, therefore, try to find out appropriate teaching strategies and material to teach chemistry in better way.  For the development of the low cost apparatus for the production of Acetylene Gas,20 students from grade Twelve non randomly selected from Danish Public School and College , Bat Khela. The developed apparatus was applied in  different institutions, where experimental study was adopted. Two groups, i.e., control and experimental (treatment) group were designed.(N=30) in each institution. The treatment group was lectured with low cost activities whereas the control group was taught the same topics through traditional method by the researcher himself. The low cost apparatus was applied in four different higher secondary schools;. The result showed that teaching with low cost material is more effective for students’ conceptual and creative thinking.