Exploring Enlightenment And Progress: A Critical Study of Robert Frost's Poem The Road Not Taken

  • Abdul Muqeet
  • Sumaira Rauf
  • Syeda Faryal
Keywords: Enlightenment; Progress; Agency; Self-Discovery


This article examines Robert Frost's timeless poem The Road Not Taken as a metaphorical framework for getting into the themes of enlightenment and progress. Through a comprehensive analysis of the poem's nuances, it explores the complex interplay between choice, individuality, and the pursuit of progress. Drawing parallels between the diverging paths in Frost's verses and the multi-layered facets of personal and societal advancement, the article investigates the inherent complexities and transformative potential encapsulated within decision-making. It illuminates the profound relevance of Frost's work in navigating the pathways to enlightenment, urging readers to contemplate the significance of choices and their impact on the journey towards personal growth and societal evolution.