The Conceptual Review on Consequences of Screen Based Lifestyle Among University Students in Pakistan

  • Yasir Karim Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Waqas Manzoor
  • Atteeq Ur Rahman
  • Laraib
  • Dania Yousaf
Keywords: Screen Based life Style, Self-Efficacy, Physical Activity, Mental Health Patterns, Pakistan


Screen based life have drastic effects on the mental health patterns of the college students and is causing serious psychological issues. In the light of Social learning theory this study develops a moderated mediation model to see how college students perceive their mental health patterns in relation to their screen-based life style. In this regard, university students of Islamabad Pakistan will be selected using convenience sampling. The results will provide valuable evidence that how screen-based life relates to mental health patterns and what role can a physical activity play between the relationship. Moreover, the study will enhance the understanding the of self-efficacy as potential moderator in the relationship between screen-based life style, physical activity and mental health patterns. Thus, this theoretical paper will give broaden the concept of screen-based life style and its effects on mental health patterns, thus contributes to see the potential of these variables from social learning theory perspective in a developing country Pakistan.