A Study of Communication Styles Among Diverse Pakistani Cultures

  • Ahmed Khan
  • Ibarat Ali Laghari
  • Shandana Siddiq
  • Saddam Hussain
Keywords: Communication styles, active communication, theorist communication, connector communication, purposeful communication, Pakhtoon, Sindhi, Hazara, Punjabi


The present research was conducted to study the different communication styles among diverse Pakistani cultures. The cross-sectional research design was used to conduct the research. The survey method was used to collect the data from different areas of Pakistan. The sample size for the current examination was 200. All of the 200 participates were subdivided further into 4 different Pakistani cultures. Cultures include Sindhi (N=50), Punjabi (N=50), Pakhtoon (N=50) and Hazara (N=50). Results of the study has shown that reliability coefficient of the Communication style inventory is .64. The reliability of the communication style inventory is satisfactory. Study also shows that people of Pakhtoon and Sindhi cultures have equally high score on the active communication, Punjabi high score on connector and theorist communication and Sindhi have high score on purposeful communication. Gender difference shows that female have high score on active communication and male high score on connector, theorist and purposeful communication.