Assessing The Economic Dependence Through The Lens Of Employee Loyalty: An Empirical Evidence For Pakistan Stock Exchange

  • Junaid Athar Khan
  • Dr Naseeb Shah
  • Muhammad Akbar Amin
  • Dr Basharat Khan
Keywords: Employee loyalty, Economic Dependence. Pakistan Stock Exchange


The present research attempts to explore the connection between wages, compensation, incentives and bonuses, and employee loyalty with the aim to analyze their economic dependence through the lens of how loyal they are to their organizations. In order to validate the suggested model, a survey of Karachi Stock Exchange employees was undertaken with a structured questionnaire, and responses from a sample of 120 were examined using a PLS-SEM modeling approach. Quantitative methodology was used to collect data from the selected participants through a pre-structured and self-administered questionnaire, which was then analyzed using a specialized statistical analysis tool STATA. The findings of the study suggest that economic dependence has a significant impact on employee loyalty, and in light of these findings to ensure that corporation personnel is devoted, HR managers can establish pertinent procedures and advance organizational rules, as well as employers, could be given the instruments and techniques required to identify more precise methods of mapping economic dependence.