Impact of Cyber Bullying on Female Education at University Level

  • Gulalai Quraish Department of Education, AWKUM
  • Dr. Samreen Mehmood
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Irshadullah


The purpose of this study was to examine the extent of cyber bullying among female university students on their campuses. Mostly girls have been targeted in the field of social media. The study focused only the girl students of university of AWKUM. Study showed that how cybercrimes effects on a girl’s students’ life, three female students from university provided the information for this study. The findings indicate that on university campus, female students were frequently threatened and subjected to blackmail. As a result of their concern about appearing immoral, 70% of the students chose not to tell their families about these instances because they belong to Pushton society. Because of this, young girl prefers to suffer in silence, which prevents students from using cyberspace freely and interferes with their academic life. The results also showed that the female students had little faith in law enforcement and knew nothing about the regulations in place to protect them from online abuse. In order to stop cyber stalking of young women on a national basis, it is advised that university launch awareness programs and set up a distinct body. According to the study's findings, the majority of female students think social media has made their daily lives more difficult.