CPEC Impacts on Foreign Policy of Pakistan: From Security to Economic Policies

  • Hina Said E & SE Department KPK
  • Dr. Sajjad Ali Khan
  • Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Irshadullah
  • Kainat Khan
  • Rani Zain
Keywords: CPEC, BRI, OBOR, CHINA, Pakistan, Region and foreign policy


China initiation of ‘One Belt, and one Road’ (OBOR) in 21stcentury is a massive project of linking china with more than sixty countries of Central Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, South and Europe via new roads, ports, railways and gas pipelines. Due to linking china with almost all near and far countries of the world this project has international strategic importance worldwide. It includes trade development, economic development, transportation, energy sector, mining and political connectivity. Secondary data and qualitative method have used for analyzing the impacts of CPEC on foreign policy of Pakistan. Due to its wide scope and importance this plan has enormous impacts on foreign policy of Pakistan in the region as well as in the whole world.